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The best article writers approach blogs from a digital marketing perspective. We’re an experienced team of content writing professionals, and we’re at your service. As hackneyed as it sounds, we’re passionate about getting words to work.

Here’s our side of the story: 

For years, we’ve worked remotely – even before COVID. We live between a deadline and the deep blue sea with only our wits, our words and a flagon of coffee to keep it real.

Our writers pretend to squabble, but there are plenty words to go around.

Our editors polish the raw articles. They recognise a good word when they read it. And know exactly how to wield a keyword. Our social media manager watches closely, picking out the best bits to share. The whole process is marshalled by gatekeeping project managers who hate bottlenecks.

We all sway gently to a high-volume, detail-bedevilled, deadline-driven tune.

The best article writers for hire: Give our service a shot.

A Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling Adventure

Hi, I’m Chirene. I’ve been the owner of Two Red Crows Brand Storytelling since we started out in 2012. We would offer a single thing: words. It soon became apparent that people need words to come in a container. So then we expanded to include graphic design and websites. And then I noticed that clients were throwing collateral into the marketplace willy-nilly. That’s when we added marketing strategy development to our bag of tricks. Before we looked twice, copywriting had become something bigger and broader.  Then one day long ago, I had an electric realisation:

It is truth universally acknowledged that a business, even if in possession of good marketing skills, must be in want of blog writers for hire.

Give Me Articles SEO article writing service was born. It has grown to be hugely popular with content marketers who need to maintain several blogs. We also write white label articles for B2B and B2C companies who need writing help. If you are looking for the best article writers for your content, give us a shout.

We’d love to assist.

Give Me Articles content and article writing service is a Two Red Crows adventure