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At Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand

I pick apart the hot dog bun with my thumb and index. It’s dry, so I add more ketchup. The pump is overexcited or maybe I’m too nervous, sugary tomato sauce lands unnoticed on the station floor. I look at my companion. He is balancing three hot dogs in his left hand, which sounds like no big feat, but keep in mind, he does not have fingers. These are the words of his song as he paces up and down the metro, usually the red line, during the morning and evening rush. In his other palm he grips a Coke.

Are you hungry? I’d said as I stepped off the metro, not five minutes before. He’d nodded and motioned to the hot dog stand. So here we are. I’m not sure what to talk about so I say something like: Do you like hotdogs? He judges my question with an arch of his brows, points to his full mouth. I nod. I feel myself start to say something else, I have no idea what to be honest, but he has drained the last of his Coke. The last thing I see is his acid-burned hand, thanks, and he jumps the turnstile.


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