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What! We Need 400 Articles to Get Results?!

Short answer … yes … and no. Longer answer: it depends on a number of factors – which we’ll gladly explain. This statistic gets thrown around a lot on article writing websites, probably because someone read a headline and ran with it. Let’s start with the basics. For best blogging results, you want to upload a new article every 2 to 3 days. Preferably weekdays, to suit reading habits. How so? Most of us use the web during office hours, because the office provides ‘free internet’. So we’ll use it for longer tasks, like reading an article. On weekends, we largely use mobile data, so we’ll stick to social media scrolling and sharing.

Casual browsing still brings sales

We don’t always realise it, but social media surfing consumes just as much data, if not more. It’s all in the psychology. We take microseconds per post, so we don’t notice we’ve been online for hours. Also, when we’re checking ROI for SEO posts, it’s not always about article completion. It’s more about click-throughs. Traffic starts to rise significantly at the 300-blog mark, but it doubles once you hit 400, which is why the figure gets tossed around so much on article writing websites. At 12 to 16 blog posts a month, it would take you two to three years to sufficiently populate your website. To achieve this, we have five words for you: outsource the task to us.

Breaking down the real impact

Based on staff numbers, once your cache hits 300 articles:

  • For less than 10 employees, traffic multiplies by 3.5.
  • For 11 to 25 staff members, traffic increases 2.75 times.
  • For 26 to 200 employees, traffic rises by a factor of 1.5.
  • If you have over 200 staff, traffic doubles.

Between 300 blog posts and the 400-article mark, companies experience another jump, gaining up to 2.5 times more traffic. This applies to both B2B and B2C companies, though B2Bs start to feel the shift at around 200 cumulative blog posts. So when you’re targeting ‘impossible numbers’ you need solid article writing websites.  Why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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