Is Article Writing Suffocating?
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Is Article Writing Suffocating?

Content writing is a job anyone can do, right? Um. Not so much. But, if you have a copywriter in your Agency, then clearly they should be writing all SEO articles. Um. Also, not so much.

How hard can it be?

Writing articles seems simple and straightforward. But therein lies the challenge. For the trained and talented copywriter, writing short form content is simple and straightforward because they have the skill, experience and knowledge needed to write the right thing for the right people in the right way. But the nature of SEO articles is that the writer in a busy Agency must produce hundreds of articles on the same topic and very similar keywords to a publishing schedule. How long will it be before the copywriter decides it is Boring. Beyond. Measure? What I’m saying is that repetitive writing can drain the juices out of a creative thinker.

So if you have a copywriter who won’t get out from under the desk, it could be helpful to get some writing support. This’ll allow them to focus on projects that’ll inspire them, even on a Monday. (T’s & C’s apply)

It’s hard to be creative under constant time pressure. It’s also hard to perform the tasks of both a copywriter and content writer for a busy digital marketing agency. Everyone suffers. You may not have noticed, but overworked copywriters can get a little grumpy.

What to do, what to do?

Spoiler! Here’s the Sales Blurb

You could – for example – hire an article writing service. We’re not saying that you can’t do it in-house. We’re just suggesting that a little help can go a long way.  The Agency can still produce the required 50 plus SEO pieces a month without someone attacking themselves with a pencil.

But, not so fast.

Nobody is going to be happy with bad writing, not your client, not the copywriter, not your reputation, and certainly not Google. Here’s a natty Five Star Checklist of the features your outsourced articles must have:

  1. individually written, edited and proofread
  2. search engine optimised
  3. white label
  4. on topic
  5. on schedule

I wonder where you’ll find an article writing service like this.

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