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The Hell of Writing Hundreds of Articles on the Same Topic. Make it Stop!

Article writing burnout: it’s more common than you think.

But this is where lead generation success starts: By writing articles. Hundreds of articles.

Ranking on search results pages is a challenge. Content marketing is complicated. And, article writing is difficult.

There comes a time when you start to wonder, Why? Why are you writing, and writing, and writing articles?

So, this is what this blog is about: It’s a quick reminder how article writing boosts content marketing results. Secondly, why writing all your articles yourself is a bad idea. And thirdly, how to hire a SEO article writing service.


Be the expert. Don’t just write about it.

You don’t have to be the one writing articles to show that you’re an authority in your field. This is what ghost writers and article writing companies are for.

One thing is true though: You have to remind search engines that you are an authority. The way to do this (as you know) is by way of article writing.

Of course this means you will write hundreds of articles on a particular topic. This can get draining. Demoralising. Horrible.


Do you have a life beyond writing articles around the same topic every single day?


As a natural consequence of content writing fatigue, your quality starts to deteriorate. You run out of things to say.

Simply put: You get to the end.

The question is: Are you prepared to be responsible for plummeting content marketing results? Especially when it can be avoided.


Be an authority and protect your reputation.

There’s something else: Your (invaluable) reputation.

It seems ridiculous that a content writing company must protect your good reputation.

Look at it this way: Poor content tells the user that you are unprofessional — even if you are not. Even if you are the leading authority.


A poor quality blog is a conversion killer.


Customers will bounce in milliseconds. off to find a better source. Any authority you may have built is wasted. And all because you haven’t hired professional SEO article writing services to do it for you.

The lesson: Hire a content writer.

But how?

How to hire good SEO article writing services

Buy blog content in 3 quick steps:


  1. Shortlist some blog writing services. (Not sure how? Read this Definitive Guide: How to shortlist and evaluate Content Writing Services. Find out which 3 key questions to ask content creators before you buy blog articles.)
  2. Look before you leap: Order a free trial article
  3. Don’t get locked in: Buy articles as-you-go. Buy as many as you need.


Give yourself a break. Tap into the power of a reliable content writing company. Order your trial article right here.

Want to know more? Claire is here to help:


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