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But We Can’t Write So Many Articles AND Run a Business!

You’re absolutely right: you can’t. So we’d like to tell you why you should … and how you can. First, off best practices in the digital marketing space suggest you post 3 or 4 times a week, preferably not on consecutive days. That means you get 12 to 16 posts per month. At 11+ articles a month, your web traffic increases by double or triple. At 16+ monthly posts, that figure goes up to 4.5, getting you 3.5 times more leads. You can then follow up these leads and turn them into sales, which is why writing those articles is essential to your online marketing efforts. And since you can’t possibly do them yourself, we recommend hiring article writing service providers (like us!).

My company is too small!

You might – rightly – worry your business is too tiny to merit digital marketing spend. Well, we have more stats for you. For companies with 10 employees or fewer, posting between zero and five blog posts a month – which you can probably do in-house – resulted in double the traffic. But once they sought outside help from an article writing service provider, they can raise their monthly output to 11+ posts, which triples their web traffic. This system works for big companies too. Organisations with more than 200 employees doubled their traffic when they hit 11+ blog posts per month. It’s why we gladly work with firms of all sizes.

But I don’t deal with customers directly!

Article writing is effective regardless of your business category. Consistent blogging brings bigger returns in B2C than B2B, but both can benefit. At 11+ articles a month – sourced from reliable article writing service providers – B2Bs saw three times as much traffic. B2C companies received 3.5 times as many web visitors for the same number of blog posts. Producing good content takes time though. It requires intense research and careful editing in addition to the writing itself. You can’t be expected to do this and still keep up with the daily responsibilities of running your business. So why not contact Give Me Articles today?

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