Another Day Writing in Paradise
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Another Day of Article Writing in Paradise

Sometimes I think I’m one of the luckiest people alive. I live in Knysna – a gorgeous little town on the banks of one of the largest estuaries in Southern Africa. The town is quiet and relatively safe. I live with my 78-year-old mother and 3 cats in a retirement village. In a complex of small houses each with their own gardens. The birdlife is wonderful. As such, I often hear fish eagles and sea gulls with their distinctive cries. Little sunbirds feed on the red, yellow, pink and orange hibiscus flowers and are always quarrelling. I can see them from my bed, where I have to spend most of my day. As such, I often get lost in watching them.


There are a pair of Cape sugar birds that feed on the many Proteas that bloom in the surrounding gardens. Further, there are a few flocks of guinea fowl that wander around the village digging in the gardens for insects.

Keeping my pencil sharp

Article writing for Two Red Crows in Knysna has given me an interest in life again, as there are so many different and interesting products and services to write about. I never thought I would be able to write articles, as I was dismal at writing essays at school (that was many years ago!). The research into various topics amazes me – there are so many things available that I knew nothing about!  Each new client is a revelation and a joy to research. Furthermore,  have learned so much and my mind is kept busy trying to understand some of the more obscure topics.

Giving me all I need

Article writing in Knysna allows me to work when I want to, and sleep when I need to. And working sometimes involves me sitting on the veranda on some evenings when the sun goes down, watching the resident pair of geckos hunting insects on the walls. The bats come out of the eaves just after dark and are so swift and agile in hawking for their supper.

I am extremely grateful to Two Red Crows for allowing me the opportunity to write articles for companies I have become fond of. Irmore, I feel I know many of the clients personally although I have never met them.


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