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Ambient Mix Number 8

It’s a nice alleyway, but noisy.

Whenever someone walks through, turns on their bike or scratches themselves, the dog (house 95/5) barks. Not just once: bark, bark, bark, bark. A piercing metronome.

The boys (95/12) seem always to be tickling or stamping on each other’s feet. Reaaaarrgghhh! Shrieks every hour, night and day. The music of our life. We (95/8) say they’re homeschooled by a jellyfish.

Yesterday I was working on the balcony, finding the flow. Difficult, given the circumstances, but I was hell bent on Getting Something Done. One of the boys emerged into the alleyway. Orange windbreaker. Scrawny, normal kid. Surprisingly non-demonic. And, of course, the dog started yapping.

Without breaking step, the orange boy broke cover and started popping his body. His limbs rapped to the yap, timed against the barking.

I looked at my keyboard. Felt the beat. Bark! T. Bark! H. Bark! E.


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