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An Adventure Without A Dog

I haven’t read a book in ages, not felt the dry crisp paper between my fingers or lost myself in the black and white text on the pages. Forever. Everything is digital and fast, and here I have the time to slow down and read a real book.

I choose an old friend off the bookshelf. Ah Thomas! We haven’t been on an adventure for such a long time. Does your white gold ring still wield so much power in The Land?

We start his journey right at the beginning and the familiarity of the road he is walking doesn’t lessen my enjoyment. I’m almost finished chapter one when, tap tap on my knee. I look down.  It’s our brown Labrador wanting some attention. I try pretend I haven’t noticed and shift a little deeper into the couch. Plonk, a wet tennis ball on my lap.

There’s no lockdown for a Labrador; life is just one long adventure.


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