Segments & Persona

Lockdown. Everyone Lives A Different Story.

The way he sits, you would think there are needles under his seat. His left leg is under him, as if to lessen the discomfort, but his face tells a different story. His forehead creases in concentration to seem like he is stuck between decisions while his right leg taps the floor restlessly in the manner of someone waiting for life-altering news. The girl next to him appears to not know much of what goes on around her. Her golden hair is off from his dark features, but the same way night is to day, so is he to her. The way he slouches, looking down at the different storybooks laid out on the dining table (so bored with this endless curfew) is the exact opposite of what she is, proper, upright and a lady.


As writers in lockdown, all that we can do is write. We hope that these short and silly stories take you away for a moment.  Read other blog stories by the writers at Give Me Articles. They are not all about boys and girls. We’re an article writing company, maybe we could write blogs for you too.

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