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Now And Then It’s Black And White

I stand in front of the black door to my apartment and in a flash I don’t recognize it. What am I doing here? What are these keys doing in my hand?

I want to push through. Sink my teeth into those blood-coloured cherries that gleam in a sliver of autumn sun on the coffee table. They are heaped in a white enamel bowl, stained with large black marks where the enamel has come off. A black and white cow hide enamel red cherry bowl.

Then this again. This street. There’s an old woman on a bicycle, carrying a bright yellow umbrella and a short black shadow. Two motorcycles skirt the corner. They miss her and a small boy on a skateboard by inches. A door slams shut; music from a car with the windows rolled down wails its own lament.


As writers in lockdown, all that we can do is write. We hope that these short and silly stories take you away for a moment.  Read other blog stories by the writers at Give Me Articles. We’re an article writing service, so we could write some blogs for you too. 

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